The bionutritional profile IoMET®

It enables you to view the Environments suffering from deficiency or excess;
depending on the lifestyle and disorders, the professional will conduct a personalised assessment of the requirements and propose "therapy" to combat the imbalances.

A professional tool

Exemple of histogram IoMET
Exemple of histogram IoMET

The benefits

  • A rapid and innovative bionutritional assessment
  • Personalised "therapy" with top-quality NUTERGIA products
  • Support during your programme from a practitioner trained in Active Cellular Nutrition
  • Synergy between nutritional advice and dietary supplements

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Your nutrition consultant

For 25 years already, Laboratoire NUTERGIA has been working in your interests to enable you to find balance and well-being thanks to more than 75 high-quality food supplements supported by expertise recognised by numerous professionals.

We are also able to offer you advice for a healthy lifestyle and solutions to rebalance your nutrition.

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